Autumn Newsletter 2014

Friday, 04 April 2014


                                                      Autumn                                        April 2014

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2014. The newsletters have been few and far between but hopefully, we can keep them coming quarterly with the next one being our winter edition.


Well, it’s been a long time since I last talked to you. It’s now a new season, and as I sit here composing this communique, I note that the autumn rains have well & truly arrived!! So much has happened since we last talked.

  1. The state of your Club: It appears, since we parted ways with Michael-Hibbert, that our financial fortunes have improved. With subscriptions rolling-in, and good vibes coming through from the Bar and the kitchen, our “bottom-line” is markedly healthier than 12 months ago. Of course, a particularly wet winter, or an unexpected loss of members, could so very easily change that outlook! That is why, we the Committee of Management, need to continue the diligent hard work required to keep W.G.C. trading successfully. BUT, we need new faces on Committee, as those on there at the moment need more support. This current Committee needs re-energising and only new people, with fresh ideas can do that! Please consider putting-up your hand to provide this much-needed support.
  2. :Your Committee took the risk of combining these 2 important events into the one day. The A.G.M. appeared to run smoothly with our usual 30-odd hardy souls showing up. The Financials showed some areas of marked improvement and we are lucky to have Eric-Slater controlling that area for the next 12 months. ( A welcome addition to Committee is Tony-Bickley, who will be Eric’s “apprentice” through this year, with a view to taking over the Treasurer’s role in 2015.) In the meantime, we should be greatly indebted to Eric for offering to give us this “breathing space”. He does such a professional job & gives 100% at all times.

On the downside, we don’t have a Captain at the time of writing this. Kerry did a wonderful job whilst in that position, but has opted to take some time off after an eventful 2013! I am trusting in the current Match-Committee to continue running the golf program seamlessly, as they have done for the past few months. Again, if anyone out there is considering “putting their hand up” for the vacant Captain’s position, or even a place on Match Committee, then don’t hesitate to approach me A.S.A.P.

The gratifying highlight for me, from the A.G.M. was the support for Ron-Hanson’s Life-membership nomination. This is a much-deserved accolade for a member who has served our Club proudly for 51 years! We will, through Alan-Johnston, arrange for Ron to visit us soon to have that special pin placed on him.

Unfortunately, a negative on the day was the poor turnout for Presentation-day. More than half of the winners were NOT in attendance to receive their trophy. This is a moot point, though, as the Match Committee has decided to move our golfing year to the calendar year, which means from this year, Presentation-day will be in December. (Of course, the A.G.M. will continue to be in Feb/March.) Anyway, a hearty congratulations to all winners, especially those who were “board-event” winners.

  1. Twilight:Once again, a successful season of Twilght golf,(& meals), has come to an end. It was successful due in no small part to David-Murch, who ran the golf so smoothly, & Tracey who ran the kitchen in her usual effective manner. Well done to both of you! Special congratulations to Rob-Hendy, who prevailed in a memorable Shootout. It culminated in a spine-tingling 4-hole playoff, with David-Hatt being the unlucky finalist. (Those who witnessed that playoff will attest to the tension it created. Also, another participant, David-Clinch, had no hope of winning, as Woppit’s Moppits created a big-enough distraction to ruin Bozo’s chances!!!)
  2. Finally, I wish all of you Good-Golfing through the winter months, wherever that may be! Always remember, there ARE positives around winter golf; one of them being the disappearance of “unfair fairways” on the back-9.

** Don’t forget, membership subscriptions are now OVERDUE, so settle-up A.S.A.P. if you haven’t already done so.



With the autumn rains we should now see the grass returning to the fairways. With the removal of preferred lies it is now more important than ever to fill your divots. There is nothing worse than hitting a good drive only to find that it is sitting in an unfilled divot. It is also time to take that extra care when driving your golf cart. Staying out on the edges of the fairways, staying away from greens and tees and not using areas that have already been cut up through over-use all help keep carts on the course for as long as possible. Care should always be taken when taking a cart down eighteen. I can testify to just how dangerous this can be. While talking about the condition of the course, the greens staff would like to thank all volunteers who assisted in completing the coring and sanding. The work done is greatly appreciated. The Garden Club deserves special mention. Although everyone knows of their good work, it is important to recognise their efforts. The golf course, gardens, creeks etc. all look a picture thanks to the regular and continued work of this team. Dee Logan puts in many, many hours each year keeping our gardens looking wondereful. I can’t remember the course looking so good in so many areas. Well done to those who keep it this way.


Event Winner/s
Jack Coulsen Summer Knockout Handicap Matchplay
- A Grade Andrew Williams
- B Grade Butch Hollis
- C Grade Walter Jefimenko
Peter Bartlett Challenge Gary Seed
Foursomes Championship Ray Gilmore & Shane Campbell
Geoff Reid Trophy (Nett Winners) Phil Saxton and Ossie McClay
Mixed Foursomes Championship Kim Kennedy & Jonathan Cross
G &S Richmond Trophy (Nett Winners) Jenny & John Koraus
President’s Trophy Danny Fox
Captain’s Trophy Darryl Ward
R Leith Matchplay:  
- A Grade Andrew Williams
- B Grade Kevin Kane
- C Grade Mick Eldridge
Club Championships:  
- Open Winner Paul Mason
- B Grade Peter Bell
- C Grade Mick Eldridge
East Hills Cup (Nett Winner Championships) Sean Kennedy
Harry Martyr Matchplay David Hatt
Singer-Walker – 4BBB Knockout David Hatt & Jonathan Cross
Men Trophy Events
M Wakeling Perpetual Trophy David Hollis
A Chapman Memorial Trophy Geoff Lord & Ken White
Charlie Jennings Cup – Medal of Medallists Tex Van Der Kooi
McGrann Trophy Trevor Porter


- A Grade Trish Eldridge
- B Grade Dot Stephens
- C Grade Jenny Koraus
Elva Eddy (Nett Winner Ladies C/ships) Dot Stephens
Winnie Mayer Matchplay Raylene Chisholm
Joanna Crunden Raylene Chisholm
Star Medallist Raylene Chisholm
June Leith Dot Stephens

Congratulations to all of our Trophy Winners – those who managed an honour board event will be able to bask in the reflected glory of their names on the boards for years to come.


No names, no pack-drill. My grandchildren can buckle themselves in to their seats, AND unbuckle themselves when it’s time to get out. Who was the member of the Greens Staff who called the President of the club because he couldn’t undo the seat belt when he finished mowing? As I said, no names, no pack-drill!

We have David Waters sponsored day, The Resurrection Round coming up this Wednesday. David sent me an email link which is well worth a look. I’m sure you will be able to recognise several of our members as you go through the stereotypes of golfers at various clubs. I have to say that I even recognised myself (in varying degrees). I hope you enjoy the link.



For a number of years now Warburton Golf Club has been a staging point for the Oxfam Run/Walk. We have many hundreds of participants and their support teams coming into the club for refreshments, rub downs, medical attention etc. We need volunteers to be available to help with refreshments across all hours of the day – we need to be open 24 hours. The event takes place on May 2nd through May 4th. Any person able to provide some time should contact Ron Hottes or David Murch.


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