Spring Newsletter 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015





“Ah, Spring---the time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to birdies; & an old man’s fancy also turns to birdies----of a different kind!!!”

As this is likely my last Spring newsletter report, I felt an overwhelming need to be philosophical! So many exciting events happen at this time of year.

Club Championships: are fast approaching, so good luck to all those who enter. Playing 4 consistent rounds in a row is what is needed if you want to feature on that last Saturday. That’s why each of the Grade winners are worthy winners!

We are also heading rapidly towards Presentation-Day, which is scheduled for mid-December. This is always a great way to wind down our golfing year. Please support this event as Match-Committee always run a fun comp on the day, so there’s no reason not to be involved!

Summer-Staffing---Now that preamble all leads on to what your General-Committee have chosen to do to “service” the members and the public, through our busy season. You will soon notice that Lisa King will be working more hours than usual during this time. Lisa is popular with both members & green-fee players, so she will add a warm welcome from W.G.C. Bill Dunn continues to service the Club in a number of roles, including the A-Frame and as weekend opener. He also arranged for the recent article that you may have seen in the Upper Yarra Mail. Thanks, Bill! Clint continues to run things on Wednesdays & Fridays. BUT, at the moment, the Club has the support of a group of volunteers whose efforts are saving the Club many dollars under our expenses column. They are part of a Sunday afternoon roster that helps to keep the Club open for longer hours on our busiest day of the week. Well done to all!

Our Junior program: the other area I wish to focus on is the good work Des Ray & Tony Bickley are doing within our Junior Cadet scheme. Currently, clinics are held every Tuesday afternoon and a modified comp. is held on Saturday afternoon for those cadets who are more advanced.

Two examples coming from this program are Django Ward & Tom Jolly. Many of our members know how well Django is performing on-course. He has won a number of daily comps; and has reduced his handicap down into the 20’s! Now, along comes Tom! He recently won a Saturday stableford comp, with a well-compiled 41 points. ( This included a perfectly-struck tee-shot at the 3rd, for an N.T.P. a birdie AND 5 points!!)

BUT, both these young golfers, more to the point, are a delight to play with. This is partly because Des & Tony teach them the correct etiquette on-course; something a few of our adult members could take note of!!

Losing our Secretary: our efficient & popular Secretary, Graeme Johnson, is re-locating. He and his lovely wife are moving to Tasmania----soon! Graeme has carried out his secretarial duties admirably and has put in a lot of effort, & hours, to revamp and modernise our archaic Club website. On behalf of all members, I thank Graeme for his efforts this last year, & wish him and his wife good fortune in their new life in The Apple-Isle.

So, in the meantime that will create ANOTHER vacancy come A.G.M. 2016. We will be looking for “new blood” in a number of positions, so please consider putting up your hand when the time comes around!

In conclusion, I must thank Alan Johnston for his continued good work “churning out” a seasonal newsletter four times a year, for the benefit of ALL members. Wasn’t his article on Jack-Dempsey a great read? I’m sure we have many “characters” in our Club history who deserve a mention for the role they have played to create the rich tapestry W.G.C. has produced.

Finally, please consider supporting Twilight. There is nothing better than playing 9 holes with a friendly group, late on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Then, to follow it up with a quiet convivial, (or 3), and maybe even one of Tracey’s lovely meals afterwards. Who knows - you may score well, or “score $50 from the raffle, or even “score” a future free meal from the other raffle!! So many chances to be a winner.

See you on-course, members. Let’s enjoy this time of year and the weather it has to offer.

Regards, Ron-Hottes



Roster working well so far - thanks to our volunteers. This roster is helping in lowering our staff wages bill so we would like to keep it going.   If you are not already on the roster and could spare the Club 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon every couple of months or maybe just go on the reserve list, please let us know. The work being done by the rostered staff when things are quiet, such as cleaning is appreciated – Thank you Patrick for washing every window inside and out.


This is now well underway and into the swing of things. As usual the meals have been excellent and we are having some diners other than those who are completing their round of golf. Any publicity via word of mouth will help in this area.


There is another wedding coming up shortly so any tidying up of areas around the rooms and grounds just make the club look much more attractive


Preferred Lies: These are no longer in place and members have had time to “get out of the habit” before the club championships. I take this opportunity to wish each and every golfer who has entered the “best of luck”.

Sponsors: Our sponsors help to keep the club going. If you can support them in any way you are building on the goodwill they offer to our club.

Bendigo Bank                   McMath Real Estate

House of Golf                  Bakers Delight Lilydale

If you have reason to use any of these sponsors, make sure you let them know you are from Warburton Golf Club. This lets them know their sponsorship is appreciated.

The “Chip Board” is up and running. Make sure you make a pair and play golf for a “chip”. It is up in the bar and staff will explain its workings to you.

Slab Sunday is up and running every third Sunday of the month. Come along and join in with the fun.

Please check notice board for daily events and special dates – also check local rules to ensure that you are playing within the rules laid down by the match committee.

Good Golfing PK - Captain




Cart and Ride on drivers: Now that ropes have been removed the temptation is to sneak a little bit closer to greens. Please make sure you stay a practical distance from tees and greens and where ever possible use the edges of the fairways. Now we have firmer ground tyre marks can cause burning of the grass as the weather heats up.

Divots & Pitchmarks: Don’t forget that it is important to repair both divots and pitchmarks.. Look after yourself and your fellow golfers by repairing divots. With the championships due to start this weekend it is more important than ever.

Paul Mason                on behalf of the Greens Staff



Members assist in many ways around the club not only in those obvious areas like work behind the bar, garden club, serving on the committee, volunteer work with the juniors, assistance out on the course with mowing and tree work, running twilight golf and a myriad of other contributions which often go unnoticed. One contribution that can’t help but be noticed is the WGSC on the first tee. Thanks to the work of John Whitworth and Clint this is going to make our first tee look more welcoming. It is similar to the old WGC made from neatly clipped bushes that used to stand a bit higher and a bit further in front of the first tee. This was planted and looked after by the late Spike Jones. I know Spike was most disappointed when it was removed and I’m sure he would be pleased with John’s work.


Lorice Velma Jennings

Lorice Jennings was another of our members born in 1919 on the 26th March. She met Charlie when he was greenkeeper at Warburton and they married in 1942. Charlie’s mum owned the Fruit Salad Farm and Lorice’s mum bought the farm from her.

Lorice and Charlie worked for many years at the farm. During this time Charlie played golf, cricket football and fished (What a life!) Charlie was Club Open Champion many times. He rode his motor bike around the course while working. When they closed the Fruit Salad Farm Charlie and Lorice continued to live there until they moved to Surrey Road in 1989.

Charlie died in 1992 and Lorice died in 1993.

Charlie’s trophy was left at the Fruit Salad Farm and recovered by the new owners. It was donated to the club as a perpetual trophy. I am unsure as to whether it survived the Clubhouse fire in 1993.

This information was supplied by Peter Molloy who was Charlie and Lorice’s son in law.

There must be many, many more stories about Charlie “out there” and I would love to gather some of them.

I can remember him saying that he couldn’t putt when he was facing into the sun (it didn’t seem to stop him from winning)


Best wishes to all Championship contenders.

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