Winter Newsletter 2014

Tuesday, 04 February 2014



There is never a dull moment in the life of a country golf club!! Here is a quick update on a variety of things that are going on at the moment.

Match / Greens Committee

The Match Committee and the Greens Committee have combined and are now overseeing all matters relating to Golf and Course management. Your committee consists of the following volunteers:

Paul Kennedy         Captain

Tony Bickley          Handicapper

Paul Mason            Curator

Lynda Dickson

Kerry Slater

Clint Smallman

Ralph Logan

Noel Cross

Extra Competitions

We are introducing two new competitions from August 1st:

  • 12 hole Friday competition
  • Sunday competition

The Sunday comp. will be handicapped and results posted on the board. The Friday comp. will conclude at the commencement of Twilight. If members are participating in the Sunday competition just a gentle reminder that we need to encourage our green fee visitors to return so we want their experience to be a pleasurable one.

Carts on the Course

With the wettest few months that we have experienced for many years it has been difficult to keep the Carts on the course. The committee takes the decision to ban carts very seriously as we understand that many of our members rely on their carts to enjoy their game of golf. Members can assist the committee in keeping the carts on the course by observing a few simple rules:

  • Keep off the fairways at all times. Drive up the rough and walk to your ball with club, sand and towel
  • Think about how you park the cart. Do not park so you are starting straight up the hill
  • Observe the roped off areas and make sure you do not leave the cart in a position that will impact on the group behind you.
  • If you are coming down some of the hills think about the ability of the carts to stop in the slippery conditions.

Members can assist the committee by talking (politely) to green fee players if they see them driving the carts in a manner that may damage the course.

Care of our beautiful Course

With the course so wet we can all see it cops a bit of a beating. All members can assist by making sure they repair all divots and plug marks (even if they are not yours). It is easy to walk up the fairway with your sand bucket and fill any divots you see or to repair any plug marks on the green.


We have received many positive comments about the conditions of the greens at this time of the year and Paul and his team are to be commended on the presentation of the course under difficult (wet) circumstances.

We will be coring the greens prior to the Club Championships so again will be looking for members to lend a hand with this vital task.

Renovations on the 5th Green have been put off until after the Club Championships as it has been too wet to get the machinery into the area.

Farriers Plate

We had our inaugural Farriers Plate on the last Saturday in July. This event was held in memory of Mick Cleary, a valued member who passed away recently. The competition was Par+ and the winners were Shane Campbell (Member) and Rick Tolsher (Visitor). It was great to see some of our past members come back to play to help remember Mick and celebrate his enjoyment of playing golf at Warburton.

David Hatt was the driving force in getting this event up and running and we thank him for his organisation and thought that he put into the day which made it a great success. David, along with Jon Cross and Paul Kennedy, sponsored the event and the committee thanks them for their contribution.

Slow Play

There has been a lot of talk around the club recently about the speed of play at the moment. Sometimes I think we are a bit spoilt at WGC because we can go out and comfortably play 18 holes in around 4 hours – this is not the case at many other clubs. When we complain about the speed of play, we need to be conscious that we a diverse bunch of differing golfing abilities and ages.

At this time of the year, with preferred lies and restricted access to greens, play will always be slower but we can make our golf more enjoyable by:

  • Endeavouring to keep up with the group in front. If you fall more than a hole behind and the group behind is on your tail let them play through
  • Be ready to play as soon as your turn comes around. If possible mark and clean your ball while your partner is preparing.
  • Think about where you leave your bag/cart around the green so that when you leave the green you are not holding up the players behind.

Remember it is the responsibility of the low handicapper in the group to address any slow play issues.

Singer – Walker and Harry Martyr Matchplay Competitions

These are well underway now with both events into the 2nd round. Members are reminded to organise to play their matches by the due date to ensure that they are not disqualified. The committee has taken a strong stance in recent times to all matches being completed by the due dates

Up Coming Events

Garside Challenge                       3/9

Eastern Suburbs VETs              8/9

AD Blair Qualifier                       13/9

Donna Buang Challenge            15/9

Twilight Opening                         9/10

As always, the Committee is more than happy to take suggestions on how things can be improved for all members so don’t be backward in coming forward with your suggestions or offers of help.

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