Winter Newsletter 2015

Tuesday, 11 August 2015




Welcome to winter, fellow members! I’ve worked out how to successfully negotiate golf during the cold months ---don’t play!! No, seriously, it is a totally different course we play in June, July & August than in January, February & March! No doubt, some of us adapt better than others. (I don’t have that problem, for obvious reasons; I play poorly all-year-round!! )
Now to some updates for you.
The “Wadsy Day”--- On Wednesday, May 13th, the friends of Peter-Wadsworth gathered to hold a commemorative event on what would have been his birthday. The Clubhouse was “thumping” as 70-odd were entertained by many distractions! There was a 9-hole fun-Ambrose event, which ironically was won by a team that included my wife AND my son! (Based on the last couple of weeks’ “boasting”, it’s going to be a long drawn-out winter!!)
There was a “live auction”, a silent auction, a book-reading and plenty of music accompanied by some none-too-tuneful singing! Overall the organising group believes they have raised close to $4,000, all of which will be donated to brain-cancer research.
It was also a win-win, because our Club sold many food items, plus drinks; and of course, we had 36 golfers playing under threatening skies, and paying $20 each for the privilege!
I must pass on a sincere thankyou to Kerry, Eric & Ken for their many voluntary hours of hard work before and on the day. Oh, and to Tracey for the 2 types of soup she concocted. (And what a smash-hit they were!)
Winter voluntary roster---Members, you may have noticed, if you are a Sunday player that some members are “putting their hand up” to work Sunday afternoons during the winter months. This is clearly helping our bottom line (financially) and I thank all those who are involved; they know who they are! Also, another debt of gratitude to Kerry & Ken for organising the Sunday roster to cover one of our busiest days in the week. This shift starts after Bill finishes at about 1:00--2:00 p.m. (and, it can’t be denied----what an asset Bill-Dunn is to our Club! He puts in many more hours than most members are aware of! Thank you, Bill.) This rotation appears to be working out well. If you are not part of the roster, but could see your way clear to offer a half-day every 6-8 weeks, please speak to Kerry or Ken. (It would be greatly appreciated by the Committee!)
Sickies: Brian Lawrence is ill. He has recently undergone surgery. As I write this, I have learnt from him that he is yet to receive any results, which hopefully will be all-clear, removing the need for more surgery. The good news is that his lovely wife, Toni, is now on different medication and has responded well to it. According to Brian, she is much brighter than she has been for a long time. Good to hear!!) Laurie Ireson is not having the best of luck either. His wife, Gloria, has been struggling with her health for some time now, and has deteriorated to the extent that Laurie is now her full-time carer! He also has a couple of health issues to deal with, so our thoughts go out to him and to Brian for a brighter future. Mick Hagen has terminated his membership after being a member for nearly 20 years. He is battling with on-going back problems, severe enough to not allow him to even swing a club! The only greens Mick might be playing on in the future are bowling greens! We wish him the best of luck, and I invite all of our “sickies” to come back to the Clubhouse for a drink and a “catch-up” whenever they can make it! It was good to have a visit from Allan and Heather Judkins and also to see Kevin Kane back on course.
P.D.G.A. On Thursday May 28th , we saw the last P.D.G.A. Delegate’s mtg. before the new amalgamated Association took over; from June 1st. This meeting took place @ Rosebud C.C. I attended, as Mike Dobson received a Life membership from the P.D.G.A. I might add, this achievement makes Mike the third Warburton member to have that accolade bestowed on them; the other two being Peter Bartlett Snr. & Barry Le Gassick.
Results: Although I always insert the weekly results in the Local paper, some of you may have missed-out on the Foursomes winners. Paul-Mason & Jon-Cross are our gross winners, with a creditable “raw score” of 112 over 27 holes. The Nett winners, with 103 & a half, were David Murch, and that old ever-green member Gerry Hadfield. I’m reliably informed that Gerry more than played his part in the win! (He recently celebrated a birthday, and I can only tell you that he has ticked-over enough of them to qualify as Roma’s younger brother!!)
Finally, any members wanting a ute-load of quality FIREWOOD, need look no further than P.K. If you see him, he will arrange for a load to be delivered, within a reasonable distance, for $100. This is great value as it equates to much less than $100 per cubic metre, which is more than competitive on today’s rates! Our supply includes gum, black-wood, cypress & pine. And we only deliver DRY wood!
A prophetic thought to leave you with, folks: “If you’re afraid a full shot might reach the green while the foursome ahead of you is still putting out--- you have 2 options; you can immediately “shank” a lay-up, or you can wait until the green is clear & “top” a ball halfway there!”
Regards, Ron-Hottes



Our club is suffering the same affliction as most other clubs in Australia - an aging membership and a declining membership. Today’s time-poor society and the huge popularity of cycling are directly impacting on golfing numbers. The result for our club is a lower income than is needed to run the club as desired.

The junior golf program is attracting new, young members, and the match committee have added extra competitions which are attracting more comp fees and visiting players.

The objective of the marketing committee is to attract new members to the club, to attract more green-fee players and to promote the function facilities our club has to offer.

An initiative of the marketing committee last year was to introduce a (significantly) reduced Cat A fee for playing members of local sports clubs.
The rationale was that those people were unlikely to pay 2 full club memberships concurrently, but a discount would bring them in to our club. When they reach their use-by date in their other sport they have a greater chance of continuing at WGC on full Cat A membership. In the meantime, they are contributing to club coffers with club fees, comp fees and clubhouse spending.
To date 14 new members have signed up in this category, members we may not otherwise have.
In the same period we had 10 new members join in full Cat A & G (introductory) categories.
This category has created much debate within the committee, and its future will be discussed at the June 10 meeting. Talk to a committee member (before 7pm on 10 June) if you want your opinion included.

The next marketing initiative is to improve our website, which hasn’t been active for several years.
Our Facebook page is successful in promoting day-to-day activities, results etc., but the website needs to effectively promote the course, facilities and contacts. It is generally the first contact a stranger will have with our club when they are looking for a course to play or a venue for a function - so firstly they need to find us when they are looking, and then a good first impression is imperative. Our current website isn’t bad, but needs a more dynamic appearance and compatibility with smart phones - the search tool of the modern person.

This is at the initial stage in determining whether our existing website can be updated sufficiently or whether a new website needs to be commissioned. Needless to say, cost will be a factor.
Any and all positive suggestions are welcome. Talk to Graeme Johnson and/or Eric Slater.



Roster working well so far - thanks to our volunteers. This roster is helping in lowering our staff wages bill so we would like to keep it going. If you are not already on the roster and could spare the Club 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon every couple of months or maybe just go on the reserve list, please let us know.
We have had a few day functions recently including the “Wadsy Day” and all went well. We have some functions including weddings booked between now and Christmas but would like to see the clubhouse used a lot more, so if your family or friends have a wedding or function coming up please think of our clubhouse.
As you may have noticed, bar prices increased on May 1. Since we have not had an increase since 2013 the increase was well overdue and we understand that pricing is still competitive. Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks to members’ efforts, you will have noticed some structural and cosmetic renovations happening around the clubhouse. Further renovations are planned as funds become available.



Congratulations to all winners of competitions be it Saturday, Wednesday, minor or major comps. As mentioned in the president’s report, congratulations go to Paul Mason and Jonathon Cross for their win in the foursomes’ championship. The same applies to the net winners, David Murch and Gerald Hadfield. It goes to show you are never too old to win a board event.
Well done to our A Grade Pennant team, captained by Jonathon Cross, on just missing out on a berth in the finals. It was a notable effort at that level. We had two Masters’ Pennant teams captained by Allan Hubbard and Ron Hottes. No finals but Allan’s team was well in the running losing out to the eventual winners Devil Bend.
The Harry Martyr, Singer/Walker and Ron Hottes Wednesday Match play draws are now on the notice board with play by dates. Please play your match as early as possible in the round so we can avoid last minute panics. The general rule is that the player/team listed first contacts the other player/team to make the arrangements. Extensions are generally not granted unless there are exceptional circumstances.
The “Chip Board” is up and running. Make sure you make a pair and play golf for a “chip”. It is up in the bar and staff will explain its workings to you.
Your Match Committee is working well together with ongoing issues.
Slab Sunday is up and running every third Sunday of the month. Come along and join in with the fun.
Preferred Lies: Are now in place. This means you may mark, lift, clean and replace your ball within eight inches through the green. Of course if you are in any hazard normal rules for that hazard apply to your ball and preferred lies cannot be taken.
Sponsors: Our sponsors help to keep the club going. If you can support them in any way you are building on the goodwill they offer to our club.
Bendigo Bank McMath Real Estate House of Golf Bakers Delight Lilydale
If you have reason to use any of these sponsors, make sure you let them know you are from Warburton Golf Club. This lets them know their sponsorship is appreciated.

Please check notice board for daily events and special dates

Good Golfing PK - Captain



Cart and Ride on drivers: Please make sure you do not drive your cart or ride-on inside roped areas. Look for solid ground out towards the edges of fairways and avoid areas that have already become muddy. The more care you take in using your cart the longer the course can be kept open for their use.
Divots & Pitchmarks: Don’t forget that it is important to repair both divots and pitchmarks.. Look after yourself and your fellow golfers by repairing divots. This activity tends to be neglected when preferred lies are in place.

Paul Mason on behalf of the Greens Staff



The 2015 New Cadet Program started on the 17th February. The nine current junior members joined the new cadets program over an eight week period. Fourteen cadets joined our introductory program. Following our eight week Cadet Skills Program, seven cadets joined as junior members, giving us a total of sixteen junior members. Tuesdays will continue with Tony Bickley along the lines of practice clinics such as chipping, hitting long shots and finishing with a putting competition. This was first put into place last Tuesday and was well received by the eleven juniors who turned up. From now on juniors will be practising with Tony on a Tuesday and playing nine holes on Saturday with Des Ray. This will allow Tony to spend more time with each junior to develop their basic skills. On Saturdays we are looking to establish “junior handicaps” followed by serious competition.
On Monday 18th May, Tony (along with parents) accompanied three of our juniors to play in the Primary School Championships at Yering Meadows over a shortened nine hole course (par 36) gross event. 100 m = par 3, 200m = par 4 and 300m = par 5. Django Ward finished 4th after a three way countback for third. Angus Smith finished eighth. Both of these boys have advanced to the next round which will be played at Kew Golf Club in November. Harvey Smith (nine years) played in his first competition with his brother. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is keen to do better next year.
The winner of the day was a twelve year old boy who has a handicap of 24 and is a member at Southern Golf Club. He shot a two under off the stick to win by six shots. Django played with this boy and matched him for the first five holes but unfortunately Django found some trouble over the next four holes. His playing partner meanwhile shot three birdies. Django spoke to Tony later about how he needs to be more focused in his efforts but was rapt with the experience of judging his game against boys his own age. Angus played in this competition.
We have a number of cadets who are showing talent with their golfing ability and are not far away from joining the Saturday Competition.
On Friday May 29 Tony attended a combined school event held at Archery Park in Launching Place which hosted around one hundred children trying Archery and Golf. The kids were split into four groups each having fifty minutes to try out these sports. This was an enjoyable day and over 80% of the kids had never hit a golf ball before. We may get two or three more cadets as Tony took promotional material to hand out. A big thank you to Tony for his involvement in organising the day and thus promoting WGC.
If there are any members out there who would like to experience the joy of experiencing young kids “strut their stuff” and sharing some of your knowledge, you are more than welcome to join us.
Des and Tony



We have several new faces on our Committee. Graeme Johnston as Secretary, with Ken Barratt, Kerry Slater and Mike Plant on General Committee.


PGDA - What is it and what does it do?

PDGA are the initials of the Peninsula District Golf Association, an incorporated association, whose members are the golf clubs which are in the Peninsula district of Victoria.
Golf in Australia is organised by State for administrative purposes. At the head is Golf Australia. In Victoria golf is governed by Golf Victoria, formerly the Victorian Golf Association and Women’s Golf Victoria. Golf Victoria manages golf in Victoria directly for its metropolitan member clubs and through country district associations for the country golf clubs such as Warburton.
So how does Warburton fit into the PDGA? When the Warburton Golf & Sporting Club was formed back in the 1930’s we were allocated by the VGA to the West Gippsland District along with Flinders, Sorrento, Portsea, Cerberus, Montuna, Beaconhills and Mornington Golf Clubs and other clubs in the area. This district covered a huge area from Traralgon to Flinders and Portsea.
By the early 1950’s dissatisfaction had grown with the governance of this massive district and the distances involved. In 1952 the clubs on the Mornington Peninsula together with Warburton, Montuna and Beaconhills broke away from West Gippsland and, with the approval of the Victorian Golf Association, formed the Peninsula District Gold Association.
Currently the 17 member clubs of the PDGA are:
Berwick Montuna Golf Club
Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Club
Carrington Park Golf Club (Eagle Ridge)
Cerberus Golf Club
Devilbend Golf Club
Flinders Golf Club
Gunnamatta Golf Club (St Andrews Beach)
Moonah Links Golf Club (Moonah Links)
Mornington Golf Club
Safety Beach Golf Club (Safety Beach)
Sorrento Golf Club
The Dunes Golf Club (The Dunes Golf Links)
The National/Long Island Golf Club *
Warburton Golf & Sporting Club
Portsea Golf Club
RACV Cape Schanck
Rosebud Country Club

*Affiliate memberSo what is the role of the PDGA?
The PDGA represents the views of its member clubs to Golf Victoria’s Board and management, it organises pennant competitions for the best players in its clubs, for seniors and for juniors, it runs events in which all the members of its member clubs can participate (a full list appears below) and it organises representative teams to compete against other Districts individually and in Country Week. Until recently it also carried out the periodic rating of courses in the District.
Men’s Pennant (Scratch)
Masters Pennant (Handicap – over 50’s)
Junior Pennant (Handicap – under 18)
District Championships (A, B & C grades)
Seniors Championship (55 & over)
Peninsula Junior Masters (inc Junior Championship – open event)
Eric Lucas Junior Matchplay Championship
District Foursomes Championship
Mixed Foursomes Championship
Midweek Cup (Ryder Cup like teams event)
A D Blair (4BBB Par)
The PDGA maintains a web site that provides a wealth of information about the association, its history, policies, events, etc. It also has entry forms for upcoming events. You can look it up at

You will note that the events listed above are in the main men’s events except for the Mixed Foursomes and the two junior events, which are mixed. The event run by Mornington Peninsula District Womens Golf for lady members can be added to these. Back in February delegates to the PDGA and to MPDWG voted to amalgamate the two organisations so that on 1st July 2015 Golf Peninsula Vic Inc. will take over the assets and operations of both associations and will administer golf in the District for the member clubs.
Mike Dobson
PDGA President 2013-2015

Note from the editor:
Thanks to all members of the Committee for doing their best to help us all enjoy golf at Warburton. Particular thanks for the time Des and Tony are investing in Junior Golf at WGC. We need these juniors if we are to survive and grow as a club in the coming years. They also help bring down the average age of the members!

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